Mercury and methyl mercury release in soil and water - their relationship with different properties in Skogaryd

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper

Abstract: In Skogaryd research site, water samples were taken and analysed for total mercury (Hgtot) andmethylmercury (MeHg) concentration along with the pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and total organiccontent (TOC). This to give the condition of the site before the forest is clear-cute and a part of theland rewetted to a wetland. To complement the analysis of the water, soil samples was analyses forHgtot, organic matter content and potential demethylation constant rate (kd). The result of themeasurements shows that the Hgtot and MeHg concentrations are low in the area, indicating thatSkogaryd is an area with low levels of pollution. Relationship of the Hgtot and MeHg concentrationswith pH and DO were found. With higher DO and lower pH levels there will be higher concentrationsof Hgtot and lower of the MeHg concentrations, indicating that demethylation of the MeHg under theseconditions occurs. The soil analysis showed that there is higher organic content at a depth of 20 – 30cm, however the highest Hgtot concentrations was found in the 0 – 10 cm depth. The samples with thehighest Hgtot also had high organic content, indicating that they might have been needed to do morereplicates or that there are other metals bound to the organic matter at the 20 – 30 cm depth. Theresult of the kd varies over the area, though due to loses of samples available for analyse makes it hardto see if there is a pattern of the variations. The kd does however range in what other studies has foundin similar settings.

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