Probing of Consumer Orientation Based On Service-Dominant Logic : By Empirical Study of Cosmetics Companies

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi


With marketing concept being maturely developed, many firms are encouraged being customer-oriented. However, as firms pursue advanced technology development which is in order to meet customers’ various needs and being competitive, the furious competition of products innovation and development is raising which leads to time and people consuming blindly for firms, and the space of being competitive is condensed. In such case, a new logic is advocated which is to ask firms to lay down the separated line with consumers, and start to consider about interaction with consumers and other value network entities, it is time to get rid of single side supply and to advocate two side collaborate. This paper argue the customer orientation should be reconsidered with transmitting into service-dominant logic, through demonstrating from several primary theory foundation, it argued that interaction and collaboration of manufacturing companies and consumers is a new features for firms to find another outlet to being competitive. Even though this mindset is not prevail, it has already started in IT sector, and gradually it will expand to others, because information technology is seen as a good facilities for interaction between companies and consumers, it will be reflected in further practical study.

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