University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och specialpedagogik

Abstract: Aim: The main aim of this thesis is to explore the relationship between studentmathematics achievement, teacher quality (educational level/ specialization)and parents’ educational level in Nordic and Gulf countries. Furthermore, thisthesis seeks to investigate interactions between teacher quality and parents’educational level in their relation to student mathematics Achievement.Theory: This thesis applies Shulman’s theory of content knowledge (CK) andpedagogical content knowledge (PCK). The theoretical framework emphasisesthe significance of studying the impact of teachers’ knowledge, generalcontent knowledge as well as pedagogical knowledge.Method: The data comes from the Trends in International Mathematics and ScienceStudy (TIMSS) 2015. Data from (a) teacher background questionnaire, (b)home environment support questionnaire, and (c) student mathematicsachievement levels of fourth-grade students in Nordic and Gulf. Teacherquality and parents’ educational level were independent variables in order toinvestigate the relationship between student mathematics achievement withteacher quality and parents’ educational level on each country. ANOVA andlinear regression were main methods of analysis. The data analysed usingStatistic Software Program (SPSS).Results: The results showed that parents’ educational level had a significant positiverelationship to student mathematics achievement levels in all countries.However, teacher quality (educational level/ specialization) did not showrelation in the majority of the countries.The study concludes that parent education plays a major role on studentachievement irrespective of the country. On the other hand, the teacher qualityis found to be the statistically not significant contribution to studentmathematics achievement in the majority of Nordic and Gulf countries exceptOman and Finland. However, the specialization of teacher significantly did notaffect the student mathematics achievement except Denmark and Bahrain.

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