“INTEGRATED? JUST LAGOM.” Socio-cultural integration of young EU-expatriates in Gothenburg

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: This thesis examines aspects of social and cultural integration of young EU-expatriates inGothenburg, Sweden. It focuses on three areas – workplace, language and socialization – thatcame forward as the most important sites when it comes to the process of integration. Drawnon twelve qualitative interviews, the study has shown the great importance of social relationsin young expats’ lives, as well as their variating perceptions when it comes to the usefulnessof the Swedish language in a country of high-proficient English speakers. Besides that, theresearch has demonstrated how an employer and Swedish working culture commonly have acentral role in all of the areas of integration into Swedish society. However, the analysis hasbeen done with the notion of highly skilled EU-migrants being perceived as expats, incontrast to immigrants, which includes somewhat different expectations from the societyregarding their adaptation to the local culture. The main contribution of the thesis is that theconcept of integration is examined from a contemporary perspective of mobile, dynamic andmulti-diverse societies within the EU.

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