Monitoring an integration service in Windows Azure

University essay from KTH/Data- och elektroteknik (Stängd 20130701); KTH/Data- och elektroteknik (Stängd 20130701)

Abstract: When selling a service to companies or individuals, it’s important to deliver what you sell. Currently, Softronic provides companies with a platform that provides different types of services. These services create opportunities to efficiently develop government functions in accordance with the Government’s action plan for e-governance. These services are hosted by using the cloud computing platform Microsoft Windows Azure. The services’ functionality is important for both Softronic and their customers’ businesses. To know early whether there is a problem or if there will be problems with the services, Softronic wanted to monitor one of these services with the help of an external monitoring service.   The aim of this thesis was to compare three different systems for monitoring cloud-based services, implement the most suitable one and develop an application for Windows 8 where customers can see the status of their message channel inside the service. The monitoring systems tested were chosen and judged according to Softronics needs and monitoring requirements. A monitoring service called New Relic was chosen for implementation. New Relic has support for most of the required features, and for the rest of the features, an application was developed. A Windows 8 application and a website were developed that show information about customers’ message channels, and a web service was developed to supply both of them with the data they need.

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