Storage solution for a reusable auto injector

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: This master thesis describes the product development process of a storage solution for a reusable auto injector concept consisting of a reusable unit and a disposable unit that contains the drug. The purpose was to understand the users and the environment that the injector is used in to investigate in the possibilities of creating added value in a storage solution concept. The project was carried out on the behalf of SHL Group, a world leading company within drug delivery devices. To understand the users and their needs, the first part of the project was a literature study followed by interviews with users, pharmacists and health care professionals. The outcome revealed differences among the user needs and showed that the cooling requirements of the drugs were considered one of the greatest issues. Three personas were created based on the interviews to represent typical users in the target group. The personas were used during concept generation, evaluation and selection. The final concept is an electronic cooler consisting of two parts that can be detached. The bottom part works as a refrigerator with space for four disposable units and is equipped with a thermometer that is connected to a temperature display. The top part, the case, has space for the reusable unit and one disposable unit. The solution is flexible and portable and both parts can be used separately and together.

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