Dynamic Analysis of a Window connected via the Click-In System

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för maskinteknik (MT)

Abstract: It is often needed to predict the behavior of structures. With the helpof an FE model, it is possible to see the motion of the structure. Inthis, Master thesis work time domain analyses were carried out on afinite element model representing a window attached by click-ins. Theaim was to establish an FE model which gives a good correlation withtest data. The finite element modelling was carried out in MSC Apex.MSC Nastran was utilised to analyze the FEA model and the resultwas post-processed in Simxpert. Different vibrational tests were made. A crane was used to exciteand support the wall together with the window and the responseswere recorded with tri-axial accelerometers. During the thesis, it wasfound that the FE model requires more work and accurate boundaryconditions to provide better resemblance with the test data.The results deviate from the measured. This opens future possibilities tocarry on the project.

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