“The effectiveness of design elements like picture, text and color in aesthetic products advertisement” : (Comparing advertisement in two countries of Iran and Sweden)

University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi


This research analyzes the effectiveness of design elements like picture, text and color in aesthetic products advertisement; it compares advertisements in the two countries of Iran and Sweden. Dependent variables in this research are the opinion of Iranian and Swedish consumers and Independent variables are pictures (model, endorser, endorser age, endorser nationality and appeal), color (colorful and black &white) and text (typeface and text concept). Based on the causal research design, I analyze how a change in the design elements affects the opinion of consumers in Iran and Sweden about the ad. This research emphasizes on three kinds of aesthetic Products including: jewelry, make up and clothing. The reason to choose the aesthetic products is because of their uniqueness comparing to other products which are to satisfy the psychological needs of the consumers. The Media that is analyzed here is visual advertisings like magazine, newspaper, billboards and posters.

Theoretical investigation was the data collection through secondary data; it was the library study, reading 151 articles and books related to the subject of this research; the primary data collection was through my own experience of cultural differences and also interview with advertisers in both countries and the finally the experiment targeted to the consumers. To do the experiment, a number of 200 females between 20-30 (100 Swedish and 100 Iranian) are chosen and they are asked to choose the ad which mostly attracts their attention. Ads are wisely chosen and each of them analyzes the change in one of the design elements and its effectiveness in attracting the attention of the consumers. This research is started with the purpose of the research and the research problem, then I bring the theoretical insights, the research questions and their relevant hypothesis; finally I bring the methodology, the experiment and the interviews and in the end, I do a qualitative analysis of the results.

Based on the result of the research, picture and text are very competitive in attracting the attention of the consumers to the ad. Aesthetic product advertisement is more effective in both countries if there is a use of an endorser instead of the product image; endorsers are most likely to be celebrities, in the age of below 20 and from a mix of nationalities; ads are most likely to be colorful and use the Serif typefaces. In designing the ads for the aesthetic products in Iran it is more effective to use the sex appeal while in Sweden it is more effective to use the slice of life appeal. Finally consumers in Iran are more attracted to the ad by the impression of the text concept comparing to Swedes.

The keywords of this research are: Design, Advertising, Aesthetic products and Cultural investigation

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