Development of a Tool to Create HDRI-Environments used for Rendering

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: This thesis aimed to develop and create a tool for 3D-artists at Sony Mobile Communications to improve and simplify the work when rendering new materials for their new products. The tool consists of a new product that would capture images for a panorama, where the images would contain a lot of light information, resulting in high dynamic range (HDR) files. This would be done by using the camera of the company’s own product, a Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, and a method to assemble the images to create the environment with the 3D software Maya. The thesis work has followed the product development method created by Ulrich and Eppinger and started with research on photography, 3D-visualisation and rendering. Since there was no existing product to compare with, benchmarking had to be done with other types of products that could implement the same usage of this new product with some modifications. The benchmarking resulted in purchasing an existing 360° camera modified with custom applications which made it possible to create the desired HDRI-environment for rendering. This modified product laid the foundation of the identification of the customer needs since it could be used as a reference at interviews. Concepts were generated in different stages and the problem was broken down in to partial problems. In the end, a complete concept customized for rapid prototyping was developed and could then be manufactured. Wiring diagrams were designed and the product could be assembled. This part of the work was an iterative process that had to be re-made several times before all components were fitting and the product was complete. The final product was tested out at the office at Sony where a user/employee had to use the product in its environment with the right surroundings. The product managed to capture the photos without any assistance of the user and the post-processing tools created a HDRI-panorama which was used as a lighting environment in the rendering program Maya.

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