CFD Modeling and Optimization of Primary sedimentation tank

University essay from KTH/Vattendragsteknik

Abstract: In this project, the flow field characteristics of the simplified 2D rectangular primary sedimentation tank in Syvab wastewater treatment plant were achieved by a transient water-air two phases finite-volume method, applying Volume-Of-Fluid (VOF) model. RNG k-ε turbulence model was also employed to calculate the turbulent kinetic energy and its dissipation rate. The undesired hydraulic phenomenon for solid sedimentation was detected in original tank. To reduce the velocity and turbulence intensity of the influent, two categories of optimization methods were proposed, which are installing the baffle and changing the velocity inlet. The modifying effects of different methods were compared by the velocity profiles and the contours of kinetic energy. It turns out that both ways provide a preferred condition for particle settling. In the end, further research was forecasted and the work direction were given.

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