Breakfast On A Street Corner : a Study on Temporary Land Use in Long-Term Planning in Stavanger

University essay from SLU/Landscape Architecture (until 121231)

Abstract: This is a study on how temporary land use in a postindustrial area can impact the planning process. The point of departure is the project Sentrumsaksen, situated in the former industrial site now called Urban Sjøfront, inthe Norwegian city of Stavanger.All over Europe abandoned industrial sites become creative nodes and important cultural settings emerging from below. Alternatives to the established city are offered by unique qualities hardly found elsewhere. The abandoned sites are non-programmed spaces, with large vacant ware houses and abandoned wastelands. Due to the decrease of industrial activity property owners give lease agreements to a low costwhile waiting for the area to be activated anew. This attracts young people and artists who find ways of usingand exploring these sites.“Temporary use” of space is not in its own sense bound to be temporary, but the idea of temporality makes this kind of use unique. Temporality in this case refers to an ever-changing programme, and the possibilities to experiment, play and explore space. These uses may physically live for a short while but can have great impact on attitude changes, activation of sites and collective participation in the development. In identifying the qualities that lies within, the temporary use may be translated into more permanent use and structures.In this thesis, I am investigating a potential model thatrelates temporary land use to traditional planning tools. In my search for understanding the dynamics of this planning model, I take on different roles within this process, working on different scales concerning time and space. I am working with three alternative roles on threedifferent levels; the long-term planner’s over all perspective, sketching on a structure plan for the UrbanSjøfront area; the informal interventionist laboratinghere and now through temporary land uses; and the moderator - a spider in the web – a professional position in itself who bridges different interests between the long term planning and the temporary use. My work in Sentrumsaksen concerns the on-going debate about sustainable life-styles and future cities.The temporary use is directly connected to a site by theinformal interventionist who uses the urban landscape as an experimental base. In my thesis this resulted in a breakfast on a street corner, a temporary activity that had an impact on my understanding for the planning process, and affected my proposals on all levels.This study has given me a deeper understanding of the planning process. Knowing more about the dynamics of the process and the tools that are connected to different scales in time and space, I have become aware of the different roles I can take on - as strategic tools in the planning process - depending on what the challenges are.

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