An investigative study of how to utilize a smart mirror with user focus

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för designvetenskaper

Abstract: As the tech industry evolves in a rapidly increasing pace, every other company tries to keep up with the pace of development by adapting advanced systems. Users are getting more and more comfortable with smart objects which are constantly connected with the intention of improving the life of every person. The concept of introducing technology into artifacts has been a focus of the market and different distributors have contributed to the development since the concept of Internet of Things was introduced11. The concept of smart things has opened up a lot of doors for new innovative products to take place, such as smart mirrors. Several projects of this sort already exist on the market or are distributed in dierent open source communities 1 2 3 4, often with the purpose of improving users daily activities. In general, the development of these products has its main focus on the functionality. Developers often forget the user perspective of the product, including how the information should be visualized and what information that is of actual interest to the user. This report will focus on the user aspect of a smart mirror, researching both what functionality a user wants to be displayed, but also how they want to retrieve this information in an interactive way. The result will introduce The Smart Mirror which is developed as a web application and tested on a display with a two way mirror frame attached to it to give the full experience of a smart mirror with a user focus.

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