The Case of the Terrorist Organization November 17 (17N) - Media and Political Power

University essay from Lunds universitet/Graduate School; Lunds universitet/Master of Science in Global Studies; Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kommunikation och medier

Abstract: This research addresses the role and the power that the media have in framing information about terrorism and also the importance of the media in a well functioning democracy. In order to do so, a case study of the Terrorist Organization November 17 (or 17N) in Greece is presented, using theories related to terrorism, media and political influence in order to better understand the way that the media present an important issue as the terrorism is. Also theories regarding media power and media framing are included, in order to discuss the role of the media and more specifically the press. Finally, the paper will present a news framing analysis on Greek newspapers and then there are five interviews from some expert people for this specific case of 17N giving their voice in the research in order to better understand the way of the media presenting terrorism in Greece and how they can affect the political system.

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