Empowering girls: How NGOs improve girls’ educational opportunities in The Gambia

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

Abstract: Through semi-structured interviews conducted with representatives of three different NGOs located in The Gambia, this qualitative study explores how practices and activities in the organisations improve educational opportunities for girls in the country. The study identifies specific societal challenges that the NGOs try to remedy with their work, and what the focus is in their capacity building. Furthermore, the study includes an analysis of how NGO activities contribute to improving girls’ educational opportunities and other aspects of their lives, based on narratives from two young Gambian women, who have once been active in NGOs. The study finds that NGOs’ capacity building is not only focused on education, but also the empowerment of girls, building leadership skills, advocacy, and providing physical development necessities. The study concludes that women engaged in NGOs develop empowering skills and leadership capabilities that not only creates better education- and career opportunities for themselves, but also for their family and community.

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