A Cyber-Physical Testbed for Wireless Networked Control Systems

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för elektroteknik, matematik och naturvetenskap

Abstract: The cyber-physical system is the keyword of the fourth industrial revolution. The internet changed the way that humans interact with each other, and cyber-physical systems will change the way that we interact with the physical world around us. There are five levels for designing cyber-physical systems, the most important level among these five levels in which the physical world gets connected to the cyber world is the cyber level in which a cyber model of the system is built, following levels and any further decision will heavily depend on the cyber model that is derived in this level. In this project, the network of wireless control cars will be used as a simulation of Wireless Networked Control system for testing and implementation of the cyber-physical algorithms, this network of cars is composed of three parts: cars, controllers and communication link. The cyber model of the cars will be derived in the first part and will be validated through simulation. In the second part, three controllers will be designed for the cyber model and physical model, these controllers are: the controller for closed-loop control of one car, controller for distance and speed control of two cars and controller for distance and speed control of platoon of cars, all of these controllers will be designed according to PID, Linear Quadraticand Model Predictive Control. Finally, the communication link between the cyber controller and physical device will be implemented and a cyber controller will be used for controlling the physical system.

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