Let’s deal…. - A quantitative study of shopping value in daily deal: Their antecedents and subsequents

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Daily-deal websites have recently been a new and successful way of attracting product service providers since they offer ‘‘free’’ advertising and at the same time the opportunity to sell products and services via certain promotional campaigns. However, research on the concept of daily deal consumer behaviour has been somewhat limited in the context of online shopping, especially regarding empirical hypothesis testing. This paper closely examines consumer characteristics into the literature of daily deal websites and extended it into the context of shopping values and behavioural intention. Data was collected through online questionnaires from students in Sweden. About 157 respondents were included within the study, and a multiple linear regression analysis was conducted in order to test the proposed 11 hypotheses. The results showed that both utilitarian and hedonic consumer shopping values influenced consumer shopping preference and intention in daily deal context a positive way, with hedonic value more imperative. Likewise, the studied consumer characteristics (impulsive buying behavior, variety seeking behaviour, and price sensitivity) had an influence on the values whether positively or negatively. Managerial implications are presented based on these findings, and the paper is finalized with some essential limitations and avenues for suture research.

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