Sensor-Based Intelligent Positioning and Monitoring System

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System; Uppsala universitet/Signaler och System

Author: Edvardsen Michael; Joel Rietz; [2017]

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Abstract: The purpose of this master thesis is to develop a mobile and accurate positioningsystem used in the industry. The system is sensor-based, consisting of anaccelerometer (on a LSM9DS0 breakout board) and three gyroscopes(L3GD20) aswell as a microcontroller development kit(Teensy 3.5). This thesis project involvestheoretical study and the development of a prototype. In particular, the theoreticalstudy has been concerned with investigation of different positioning methods whichincludes sensor limitations, calibrations, sensor fusion and ways to implement thesemethods in an effective manner.A prototype has been developed that includes an above-mentioned sensor-basedunit and most optimal positioning algorithms. The prototype has been tested, andthe results have shown that the module is able to calculate a position on subcentimeter level accuracy.Suggestions for future work and research have been given, which includeincreasing the sampling frequency by using better gyroscopes, making thealgorithms more dynamic and using external coordinate inputs to increase theduration of usage time.

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