What Healthtech Companies Should Consider When Entering the UK Healthcare Market

University essay from Lunds universitet/Innovationsteknik

Abstract: Healthcare systems around the world are facing a multitude of challenges, mostly because of aging populations. The Covid-19 pandemic put further strain on the sector and has left many countries with a backlog of medical procedures, which further exacerbates the issues. New technological products and solutions are one way to relieve healthcare workers and enable more efficient care. Zymego is a company providing such a solution: a service for bookings which automatically fill cancellations, allowing for shorter waiting times for patients and less administrative work for doctors and nurses. Zymego is looking into the possibility of entering the UK healthcare market. Due to the size and complexity of UK market and healthcare system, there is a need for further investigation to understand how the market can and should be approached. Therefore, this study investigates the UK healthcare market with the aim of identifying what challenges exist for a healthtech company entering the market, and how companies can respond to these challenges. The thesis identifies answers to these questions through a literature review, a multiple case study and interviews with people in the industry. Insights from all collected information were compiled, and the thesis results in a framework of the main challenges on the market with corresponding ways for companies to respond to them. These general findings are also applied to Zymego.

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