Bearing strength and failure behavior of hybrid composite laminates.

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Konstruktionsmaterial

Abstract: Composite layups have been continuously used over many years in various applications. It is necessary to optimize its composition by studying various parameters influencing the mechanical properties and studying the failure behavior. In this master thesis, the objective was to test five different plies manufactured using thick and thin plies and various combinations of thick and thin laminates called hybrid laminates. Bearing tests are performed for five layups with each layer has its thickness varying from 40μm to 130μm, and a combination called hybrid laminate, and the results from the tests are investigated. The resulting system has a good performance with onset damage above 700 MPa and an ultimate failure above 1130 MPa, using fibers' full potential. Also, the different failure modes like fiber kinking, matrix crack, delamination, and their effect on the layup's strength are investigated using fractography. This paper also investigates the influences of the thickness of the laminate on the strength of hybrid composites jointed using different mechanisms, and its failure modes are checked. Results from this experiment are used to validate in the form of FEM model, which is a part of an internal project at RISE SICOMP AB. This thesis is suitable for an engineering student in mechanical engineering, material science interested in composite materials and fractography.

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