Our Valuable Nature : Making the forest a common concern to guide rural development in Norrland

University essay from Umeå universitet/Arkitekthögskolan vid Umeå universitet

Abstract: In Norrland, forests make up the biggest area of land, where different activities and actors exist in the same locations. Conflicts arise when different actors and agendas clash, making it hard to have a sustainable co-existence in the forest. Through forest research and other initiatives, new methods and strategies are being explored to make co-existence possible. Currently there is a gap between the research and its end user, as well as a dislocation of research facilities where most are located along the coast instead of the inland and the forest. Can architecture be a tool to raise awareness about nature and forests, making it a common concern? The proposal is to create a forest research center in the forest in the inland, where actors work and activities take place. The building combines the different users, creating a space where researchers and forest owners can share knowledge and experiences, and work towards a sustainable management without conflicts. Through the program of the building, the public get access to knowledge and become involved in the politics and management of the forest. The design explores and exposes the possibilities of wood, where incremental design showcases the impact of nature.

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