Service Quality in Accounting Firms: its Effect on Client Satisfaction and Loyalty : A quantitative study based on the Swedish listed companies

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Handelshögskolan (from 2013)

Abstract: Abstract Background: The quality of service is considered as an essential component in any service industry. It has been evolved in service marketing and has often been used in other research fields and sectors. Further, researchers have emphasized the importance of measuring the quality dimensions over years and in various industries in order to manage it. Also, they have proposed that enhancing the quality of services enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, in turn that will enable the service provider to meet the changes and challenges in its business environment. Purpose: Based on listed companies’ perception at Nasdaq Stockholm OMX, the study seeks to evaluate the service quality provided by accounting firms in Sweden and determine the situation of its dimensions, as well as to explore their direct impact on the client satisfaction and client loyalty. In addition, the study utilizes the SERVPERF model to measure the service quality’s dimensions. Approach/methodology: To achieve the purpose, the study conducts a deductive and quantitative approach with explanatory purpose. Also, the data has been collected based an online questionnaire. It was sent to 450 listed companies at Nasdaq Stockholm OMX, resulting in a sample of 58 respondents. The analysis has been conducted based on regression analysis. Result/discussion: the research presents and discusses the result based on two hypotheses groups separately. The first hypotheses group regarding the impact of service quality and its dimensions on customer satisfaction. The second hypotheses group concerning the impact of service quality and its dimensions on customer loyalty. Originality: To the researcher’s knowledge this study is considered as a first attempt using a multi-dimension scale to assess the service quality of the accounting firms in Sweden based on the perception of Swedish listed companies. 

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