A Software Model for MATS Satellite Payload

University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Rymdteknik

Abstract: This thesis presents the development of a software model that simulates a payload instrument onboard the MATS satellite. The goal of this model is to provide an understanding of how the instrument impacts the measured data. This model is important for error analysis and may help in correcting the measured data for systematic flaws in the instrument. The software will consist of 5 main modules as follows: Scene Generator, Optics Module,Stray Light Module, Charge-Coupled Device Module and Electronics Module. This thesis forms a basic foundation for the software by designing the CCD module and a part of the Optics module, and concludes the effects of both on the output of the system. It takes into account important mission defined procedures that ultimately aim to improve image quality, resolve vertical structures in different bandwidths and analyze noise effects on the measured data.

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