Wireless mesh networking for the Outdoor Sports (Orienteering)

University essay from KTH/Skolan för informations- och kommunikationsteknik (ICT)

Author: Iqram Ali Mohamed; [2011]

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Orienteering is played at different terrain lands. Competitors are allowed to carry a topograph-ical map and a magnetic compass. Map has standard signs and sequence of number signifies as the check points one who accomplish all the check points in sequence in shortest period of time is a winner and it requires good map navigational skill. Real time online analysis of orienteering sports is the one still doesn’t exist and tracking orienteering competitors is challenging thing to implement using passive RFID wireless mesh network. Tracking the competitors using wireless mesh network makes this sport attractive and interesting to global online viewers. Existing devices provides only the offline analysis.

This will allow viewers to view live progress of participants’ positions. Currently existing available systems for monitoring Orienteering competitors unable to facilitate online analysis feature so this feature is easier for spectators to track the competitor’s position. In this project, I described about my implementation, designing and testing of designed wire-less mesh hardware device to NEP AB Company and this device can be used in other outdoor sports for tracking the competitors and also be used in other tracking applications like mili-tary, medical and asset tracking. Wireless device is implemented using two ISM band 915MHz and 434MHz lowest frequency is to cover the longest range.

Hardware device designed, which communicate from one node to other node performs receiv-ing, transmitting and forwarding the packet. I defined the protocol standard which is com-pliance of IEEE 805.15.4 for the WPAN the communication pattern is to provide reliable and robust communication between the transmitter and receiver. Idea is to print the passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag behind the map, so competitors no need to carry anything apart from map and compass. Instead of RFID reader, in this project I have given the interrupt from the button and integrate reader part is considered as the future work.

Passive RFID and wireless mesh network is the emerging field and reliable way of tracking competitors. In which data collected from the each check point with real-time data transmis-sion and all nodes information is monitored from the main control unit. This thesis describes a functional prototype of device which is used in tracking the outdoor sports competitors and the main target is to track the Orienteering competitors in the terrain land.

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