Slice of Life

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Carl Lagerkvist; [2021]

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Abstract: An attempt to renegotiate the typology of a functionally separate administrative building by integrating the stacked infrastructure of movement built into the site and introducing new programs that are naturally occurring in Tensta in spite of the inflexible urban context. The building signifies a point of convergence between the different types of traffic and bridges between them, revealing latent connectivity and opening up for a gradual take-over of traffic systems as general patterns of behaviour change.  The will to make the building an urban move stems from thoughts about the welfare state architecture as a continuous megastructure, including the subway, Systembolag, Folktandvården, and much more. The municipality building generally separates itself from this continuity, physically and in turn in the public’s perception of it. The goal was to investigate the implications when it comes to how a member of the public perceives a more municipality building that is more integrated in the urban fabric.

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