Development of Next Generation Rollator

University essay from KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.); KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Avd.)

Abstract: Today the county councils in Sweden prescribe rollators, but in the near future, the retail market for rollators will increase simultaneously with increased pressure within customer requirements. Among the users there is an increased awareness and urge to have a rollator that is up to date according to today’s development of the society. Which the current rollators on the market does not do. The demands from the customer have therefore started to change and are increasing within the coming generations. This is a result of the availability and possibility of all types of information regarding the subject. This means that there is a gap on the market that is growing, which leaves room for developing of a new product, to be able to keep up with technological progress. The goal was to deliver a reasonable concept proposal for a new rollator that with further development could be taken on to the next phase of development and production. The work also aims to clarify the next generation’s customer demands. Identify the issues surrounding today's prescriptions of rollators, as well as clarify the values that are imbedded in the product. The work has been based on a method called Pretzel, which is a product developing process developed by the company Scalae. Mapping of the society's value and norms connected to the rollators shows that the biggest problem among people is the early acceptance of the aid, this results in late prescribing of rollators. Which means that unnecessary injury often occurs, that is in not only unfortunately for the injured person but also a big cost for the society. Especially in comparison with the prescription cost of a rollator. These problems are thereby deep-rooted in values that closely connected to the slow development of rollators. The technological development today is extremely fast and new products are launched on the market at increasingly speed. For example, it would be very unusually to have the same model of mobile phone as your mother had when she was young. But when it comes to rollators, it is most possible that you may get the same model as your grandmother. To decrease the resistance against rollators the final concept is inspired by existing products on the market that already are accepted by the society. Although in other contexts, such as strollers and shopping carts. By using design and functions that the user is already are familiar with reach acceptance faster and reduce the risk of injuries. The final concept is called the Dramator and is a hybrid between a shopping cart and a rollator.

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