Mobile Opportunistic Services for Experience Sharing : Via a NetInf Android Application

University essay from KTH/Radio Systems Laboratory (RS Lab); KTH/Radio Systems Laboratory (RS Lab)

Abstract: Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is a new research area concerning creating a new network architecture that would be more suitable for both current and the future's network. The MOSES (Mobile Opportunistic Services for Experience Sharing) project is part of this development. The project works with the development and demonstration of the Network of Information (NetInf) protocol, which is an implementation of the ICN concept. This Master’s thesis project is part of the MOSES project and aims to assist the MOSES project with the demonstration of a mobile opportunistic sharing concept based on the NetInf protocol. Demonstrating the MOSES concept in practice requires deep understanding of networking, localization, transport, and dissemination of digital content in an ad hoc network. This implementation requires an analysis of the previous work, development of new functionalities, and finally an analysis of a series of controlled experiments. This Master’s thesis project has designed, implemented, and evaluated an Android application within the MOSES framework by using the previously developed NetInf Android library. This prototype is used to demonstrate how mobile Android users can opportunistically share and disseminate content based on their location using the MOSES/ICN concept. The functionality and efficiency of the prototype Android application built during this thesis project has been analyzed and evaluated by conducting a series of controlled experiments under the supervision of MOSES researchers. The results of these controlled experiments has provided insight for MOSES researchers as well as explored the concept of using ICN (NetInf) for opportunistic content distribution. The experiment results aim at assisting MOSES researchers to extend and further develop the prototype application and the involved algorithms to create a fully functional mobile application for experience sharing services tailored to large-scale events.

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