Fail-fast in the Design Process of an Interactive Voice Response System

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Abstract: The world of creating new software is currently going more and more towards being as fast and agile as possible to be able to adapt to changing customer demands. The design process of new software should reflect that, which doesn't leave much time for scheduling user tests in person. How can feedback from users be gathered in a scalable way, and the design of a product be made using a fail-fast method? To answer these questions we chose to develop a new design of an existing product. The design was to be for a mobile-first way of viewing and editing an interactive voice response system in a web application. The old design of an interactable tree would not be optimal for a smaller screen. Two iterations of design, implementation and evaluation were performed, before a final evaluation of the whole project. The evaluations were performed by releasing the product to Telavox and one of their customers. The application improved greatly from one iteration to the next. Between the two iterations the usability went from poor to acceptable. The different methods of gathering feedback gave different, but all helpful, results. Gathering feedback was difficult, but in the end the design was deemed usable.

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