Measuring Customer Satisfaction in a Service Company combining approaches for Quality Service Improvement

University essay from Växjö universitet/Institutionen för teknik och design; Växjö universitet/Institutionen för teknik och design


This Thesis is about improvement Quality Service from the perspective of the customer satisfaction. This is motivated in a service company that has some problems measuring customer satisfaction in a quality of service. We believe that customer satisfaction is related with the quality of service, and measuring can be used like a advantage for Quality improvement. To archive this we present some theoretical background about Quality, some tools for quality improvement, some tools for measuring customer satisfaction. Our empirical findings are focused on how our case company tried to use these approaches. During the analysis we compare these information and we’ll see if there is a correlation between the different authors and how the company works. We’ll see that they work very well with TQM, Six Sigma, they use some approaches of SERVQUAL and CSM. Also we’ll apply QFD that relates the customer needs and expectations, and the Service Characteristics, identified previously. The results are based both in SERVQUAL and QFD. For instance, the lack of communication between the customers and company is the main gap regarding how to measure the customer satisfaction. Some tips about how to measure the customer satisfaction and other recommendations are given at the end. The conclusions are the benefits that we obtain from combining the SERVQUAL and QFD method, because we believe that both work very well together due to it becomes a powerful tool that is telling if the customer is satisfied or not. Aside it is telling us where we should act to improve the quality of service and therefore the customer satisfaction. The work presented is based on the interview with our contact person. Several observations were made regarding the measurement method that they are using.

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