Studie i att utöka arealen rikkärr i Skåne - Med exempel på hur tre rikkärr kan utökas

University essay from Lunds universitet/Examensarbeten i biologi

Abstract: Rich fens contribute with numerous ecosystem services, such as the highest biodiversity found among wetlands, water purification, carbon sequestration, hydrological services, recreational and educational services are all part of services provided from rich fens. Drainage and land-use change has severely damaged or destroyed these services in many regions of Europe and Sweden; restoration plans are needed to change this trend. I study the prerequisites for a successful restoration by reviewing studies from a range of scientific areas including geology, geochemistry, hydrology and biology. Simultaneously I investigate three rich fens in southern Scania (Dagstorps mosse, Stora Harrie mosse & Stångby mosse) to see if there is calcium rich ground in the vicinity which would allow for restoration and areal expansion. My aim is to evaluate the potential of a successful restoration by topsoil removal. Two out of three fens had thick layers of calcium rich clay at a depth of 0,3 meters. The third is assumed to have a base cation-rich groundwater supply. Based on data from my literature survey and field studies performed we should be able to establish a standard method for restoration of fens in Scania.

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