The Influence of Chinese Culture in the Italian Business in China

University essay from Stockholms universitet/Avdelningen för kinesiska

Abstract: In the author’s view culture plays an important role in the international business. Cultural issues represent the key factors for a successful cooperation and partnership among companies from different countries. Most of the time the adaptation to a new culture and new governmental policies influence the foreign companies in the direction of changing their business strategy. This thesis is a cross-cultural research study that aims to examine the cultural struggles of some Italian companies established in China. In particular, based on the collection of qualitative data obtained by the conduction of four interviews the study identifies three main influencing elements of the Chinese culture and the way they induce the Italian companies to adapt their business strategy. The study’s most important findings are: guanxi and mianzi influence the Italian business strategy in networking building in China and affect the Italian psychological attitude in the business management and organization. In revealing more short-term thinking in Chinese business circles the findings of the study contrast Hofstede’s theory of a long-term orientation in China.

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