Distinct Element Method for simulating feeding in cone crushers

University essay from Lunds universitet/Mekanik

Abstract: The focus and aim of this thesis is to investigate whether DEM can be used as a tool to study how the material is fed into cone crushers which are used today in the mining and construction industry, especially for crushing materials such as a stone in order to produce crushed gravel. To get as high performance and low operating costs as possible, it is reasonable that the material is fed and decomposed evenly in the crusher. To find out where the stones end up, it is advisable to locate and follow the stone path from the feeder down to the crushing chamber. In this work, various models are taken forward that represent changes in the cone crusher which gives a better segregation and distribution of the stones in the crushing chamber. Based on this thesis it should be possible for Sandvik to develop new solutions that are more effective in cost and optimization purposes. The simulation will take place in PFC3D and because of the limitation in time the models will not be tested and therefore material parameters will be approximated from existing studies and experiments.

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