Wicked Games: Tentative First Steps Towards the Development of a Participatory Design Tool

University essay from Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: Via the use of applied games design methodologies, based on analytical grounding, this paper examines the possibility of developing a new type of Policy Game, Wicked Games, as Participatory Design method for use when working with multiple stakeholders on Critical, Crucial, Complex and Wicked Problems (Rittel & Webber 1973). This paper approaches this topic from a Games Design Research perspective, to shed new light on the qualities of medium for participatory designers. This paper provides a definition of, design heuristics for, and an example of a Wicked Game as a starting point for further work within the topic, as well as providing an analysis of a Formal Analysis as a methodology for extracting tacit knowledge from games, Distributed Playtests as a means for gathering information to allow rapid iteration within games design.

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