A Product-Service-System : For Electrolux to encourage people to produce their own vegetables at home

University essay from KTH/Produkt- och tjänstedesign; KTH/Produkt- och tjänstedesign

Author: Alexander Öman; Gustav Sandström; [2018]

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Abstract: Nature is a scarce commodity and there is a need for efficient food production from a sustainable perspective. People do generally not have full knowledge about how to produce food in a sustainable way. The purpose of this project was to find individuals interested in cooking, and together with them develop a product that fit their requirements for cultivating vegetables at home. The product will in an easy way lower the threshold for growing your homegrown food, in an environmentally conscious manner.   Reference products, study visits and information gathering have been done to give a complete picture of what is offered, in terms of similar products, which can be found on the market today. Inspiration was gathered from these solutions to finally come up with a conceptual solution. The process have been a user centered iterative process, where Electrolux have provided the technical and configurative framework. The user group was encountered on three different occasions. Each of the times, a set of trigger material was presented to provoke reactions and invite discussions.  The results is a product which can replace an under cabinet in the kitchen and cater the needs that plants have in order to grow. It allows the user to produce their own vegetables in an indoor environment. The product is implemented in a service system where the user leases the product and has continuous access to vegetables. In addition to the product and service, a product portfolio was initiated to fit the users’ needs.

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