A company’s ability Not to default on a loan : Does the location have an impact?

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: This thesis aims to answer the question if the type of region or category of a municipality in which a company is located in, impacts the company’s ability not to default on a loan. Previous literature is used to find which determinants have an impact on a company’s survival from five levels: Macro, Industry, Regional, Company and Individual entrepreneur. The data used is in collaboration with a financial company offering small businesses credit products. They have contributed with loan data. A statistical analysis has been done and the method used is a logistic regression, where the dependent variable is if the company is defaulting on their loan or not. The conclusions that can be drawn are that in correlation with the previous findings the age of the firm, employees, and capital had a positive relationship to a company’s probability of not defaulting. Furthermore, the regional factors does have an impact on a company’s ability not to default on a loan. The commuting regions have a positive relationship to the probability of a company’s ability not to default on a loan.

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