University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Textilhögskolan

Abstract: The area of this work is a combination of draping and printing. It strives towards the technique that dazzles the eye with illusions of more than one dimension. As a viewer you will believe that the prints are real drapings while they are flat surfaces. Today prints in fashion are categorized as placed prints or all-over prints, and generally created as a flat surface to decorate the garments. In this work the idea is to manipulate and challenge the boundaries of print and give it life through the body shapes and in the movement. Potentially this work could be an introduction to a new way of working with prints in fashion. This work could poosibly be presented as a new technique where placed- print and all-over prints comes together- called placed all-over prints. Also, it could develop into further techniques in using two-dimensional flatness and save fabric in using photography as an option to the real three-dimensional drapings. Furthermore could it mean savings in material as a conscious choice in the process ? This investigation explores two particular kinds of techniques, - print and draping, that are merged into one expression. The aims of this work is to find new ways of using print in combination with draping in dress and explore the possibilities to find a new technique to create interesting womenswear. To unite dimensions like two-dimensional and three-dimensional as a method of finding new forms and expressions. Through experiments with striped textiles the focus is to investigate the possibilities of greater visual effects on two-dimensional prints. For a depth and to exaggerate the directions in the fabric before translating it into a flat surface the striped textile can be a tool for further design. The striped textile has the potential to help the eye to understand the directions in the print and can be used in more than one dimension and color. To explore how to create 3D effect on 2D in print design through draping in dress is the aim of this work.

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