Immigrant entrepreneurship challenges in Sweden. : Their obstacles, strategies, and proposed solutions.

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för organisation och entreprenörskap (OE)

Abstract: The wars in some Middle Eastern countries have played an essential role in increasingthe number of immigrants to Sweden in recent years. Some of these immigrants hadean entrepreneurial background in their home country. As former entrepreneurs, theyhave been seeking for opportunities since their arrival in Sweden in order to open theirown business. Our research focuses on the obstacles encountered by seven immigrants from theMiddle East with an entrepreneurial background after their stay in Sweden for at leastfive years, the measures they have taken and are taking to overcome these obstacles,and identifying their views and suggestions for needs. Alternatively, the solutionsneeded for them to overcome these obstacles and start their business. The researchaccording to the qualitative method, the research is conducted based on using the lifestory as a kind of semi-structured interviews to collect empirical data and to obtainwhat is unique in each story. The research was analyzed utilizing thematic analysisand interpretation of the interviewees' explanations. As for the strategies they undertook to overcome these obstacles, they were traditionaland similar to those undertaken by former immigrant entrepreneurs, such as ethnicentrepreneurship and networks, or new, such as early communication with businesssupport organizations, work, training and volunteer, and they showed great flexibilityto adapt and overcome obstacles. Their proposed needs were centred around teachingthe Swedish language and work culture during training or work, working with Swedish entrepreneurs, government support, tax cuts and government encouragementfor them, in addition to the need for effective support when establishing the companyand after incorporation, real analysis of the needs and increased police interest inimmigrant areas and facilitating their access to resources, suppliers and customers.Our group has shown great flexibility to adapt and overcome obstacles and be awareof the majority of obstacles that may arise as a result of ethnic entrepreneurship. 

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