Social Interaction in Learners with Autism “How do teachers try to enhance social interactions in students with autism and which methods do they apply?”

University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: This study aims to investigate how teachers try to enhance social interaction in students withAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which methods they apply and what factors make them toapply these methods.There are seven social interaction impairments suggested by Turkington (2007), Halliwel (2003)and Gallo (2010) that are ''problem in reciprocity, initiating communication, maintaining eyecontact, sharing pleasure, understanding the interest of others''; “unable to act in accordance withthe rules that are commonly known by the society”; and “lack of understanding of the concept ofpersonal space” (Meressa, 2014, p. 15, 16).To attain this objective, six authorized teachers who have experience in working with childrenwith autism were interviewed. The result of this study was categorized based on these sevensocial interaction impairments.The results suggested that there are two groups of approaches, including visual and interactiveapproaches to enhance social interactions among children with autism. Visual approaches consistof using picture, communication notebook, comic strip, smiley and checklist while interactivemethods include back by back, talking, role play, theatre, social story, using objects and body,secret code, one step before, positive reinforcement, showing practically, and color words.

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