Pressured Negotiations : An investigation of the Whole through its individual Parts

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur


This diploma project intends to investigate the Whole through its individual Parts by two polar logics, plan and mass. Through the museum typology, the idea of singular rooms generate a compound of opposite sensibilities, circulation and program that will offer new exhibition halls for the Botanical Department of the National Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. 

Museum as typology has throughout history dealt with the architectural issues such as spatial sequence, hierarchy and organizing space. Thereby have dealt the question of a Part-to-Whole relationship. 

The immediate relation between the individual rooms has been the starting point in my thesis. Rather than beginning with an envelope as a bounding box for a plan, the plan and the individual rooms sets the conditions for the envelope. In my project the spatial logic derives from a process based upon two polar opposites. On the one hand line-work and patterns, and on the other volumetric mass studies. The orthogonal structures in contrast to the swollen and spherical shapes.

The relationship of the contrasting formal logics generates opposite meetings and sensibilities such as pressed/ pressured, heavy/light, imprinted/ implanted structures. The awkward relationship does not consider any smooth transitions, but instead a pressed and nesting sensation of which also the programmatic organization and circulation is closely tied to. 

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