Development and Evaluation of a Small Punch Testing Device

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Konstruktionsmaterial

Author: Jan Benjamin Ottosson; [2010]

Keywords: SPT; FEM; Prototype;


In the turbine industry today, thermal barrier coatings are a commonly used, these are 0.1-2mm thick. So to be able to do some type of mechanical testing to receive material data so one can build an opinion regarding the health of the material. One needs a procedure that can work with small specimens and achieve clear results that can be transformed and compared with known data and known procedures. One of those methods is Small Punch Testing.

This thesis describes one way to develop and test a functioning prototype of a Small Punch Testing device. The thesis includes; the reason it was developed in the beginning and how it has been developed throughout the decades, also in which areas the main research is made. It also shortly describes a working procedure in Ansys to get a Finite Element Method [FEM] model working.

This method showed itself as useful, when just a small sample is at hand. The trials in this thesis also show that repetitive test can be done with good results which can be compared with real and FEM analysis data such as σ uts·

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