Strontium -90 Radiation Detection

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för elektronikkonstruktion

Author: Jingyi Jia; [2014]

Keywords: Radiation; Strontium; Arduino; Processing;

Abstract: The objective of this thesis is to construct a measurement system, measuring Radiation from Strontium with mass number 90 ( 90 Sr). The absorbed beta particle has a kinetic energy of 546 keV. The constructed scanning system makes it possible to sweep over a larger area than the actual Silicon detector. The used detector has an area of 1cm 2 . [1] A Si detector is connected to an electronic read out circuit. The Arduino microcontroller reads the output of the circuit and translates it to digital signals and sends them to a personal computer. After one signal has been read, Arduino will discharge the peak detector in the circuit to read another signal. The Arduino control software Processing will receive and process the digital output from Arduino. There will be three windows showing the number of counts from Arduino, the movement of the steering engine controlled by Thorlabs, and the sum counts of every position where the detector is.

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