Designing the edge beams

University essay from Institutionen för teknik och naturvetenskap; Tekniska högskolan

Author: Fredrik Gustafsson; [2010]

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Abstract: New construction of bridges is the choice of edge beams something that is often discussed. In Sweden currently three different models for the edge beams. When edge beams be elected, all the pros and cons of the different types of edge beams should be considered before deciding on the type of edge beam to be used. Many believe that decisions concerning the selection of edge beams sometimes not correct. This is based in the fact that there are many opinions about what edge beam which should be used. The choice of edge beam controls how advanced dewatering and railing design will be. Edge beam design has a major impact on drainage and bridge railing design. The choice of the edge beam can both simplify the de-watering and provide a better profitability. The purpose of this work is to investigate the problems there are with today's three standard edge beams. The work also aims to provide suggestions for improvement through new designs of edge beam to meet good dewatering properties, and good profitability. Interviews with different people are a great foundation for the work to get a broad perspective over the problem of edge beams. Current bridge snake TK Bro has been a good source in describing the edge beams and the dewatering takes place. Edge Beams in Sweden has been used for a long time without any significant change has occurred. My study shows that there is a demand for the development of the edge beams and find new solutions to achieve profitability. This report describes my suggestion for improvement. The improvements are based on the problems as set forth and the rules that exist in TK Bro.

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