The effects of force protection : An idea analysis

University essay from Försvarshögskolan/Försvarshögskolan


How can we successfully complete our missions while we are stuck in bunkers?

A question representative of a hot topic of discussion regarding the restrictions of force protection measures that are placed on US troops conducting military operations abroad. The discussion, which peaked during the late 1990s early 2000s, was heavily weighted in one direction, namely claiming that force protection has a negative impact on military effectiveness.

As the claim generalises force protection, a concept that has numerous definitions and even more interpretations, it therefore seems unlikely that such a generalisation can be made.

This study analyses the claim using an idea analysis method, questioning its sustainability and presenting a way of understanding its limitations.

In studying the circumstances of the reports that triggered this discussion, the analysis allows us to see the limited relevance of the claim with regard to the broader concept of force protection, while acknowledging its possible relevance regarding the specific aspects that are more commonly associated with the concept. 

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