STRATEGIC INTERNET MARKETING FOR MUSIC FESTIVALS IN OSLO : A qualitative case study on two music festivals practise of strategic Internet marketing

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Sektionen för ekonomi och teknik (SET)


The overall aim of this study was to research how music festivals in Oslo practise strategic Internet marketing and how these could improve their marketing throughout strategic Internet marketing. The interest of this study evoked since there was a lack in previous research in this field. Other issues to explore were marketing particularities and how these could be solved. Two music festivals in the city centre of Oslo were interviewed. The study was based on Chaffey and Smith’s (2008) SOSTAC planning framework, together with previous research findings in the field of strategic Internet marketing. The result showed a primarily use of informal goals, together with actions and evaluation based on gut feelings. Focus was placed on creating additional value and thus loyalty. Most applied marketing were connected to Web 2.0 techniques. The study found several shortcomings concerning the practise of strategic Internet marketing. Suggested improvements included use of online measurement systems and a strategic approach towards objectives and evaluation. The study found two distinct characteristics including the importance of visitor activity and loyalty. Web 2.0 techniques, the website and co-branding activities were concluded to be the most effective types Internet marketing. These together with an enhanced use of Web 2.0 techniques were also concluded to be the solution to marketing peculiarities.

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