Dispatch modelling of a regional power generation system : Integrating intermittent generation

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Lisa Edqvist; [2006]

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The climate change issue has raised the interest for renewable energy technologies, amongst which wind power is the fastest growing. The introduction of wind power to a power system implies intermittency on the production side. The aim of this thesis has been to construct a model describing how the variations in wind power production affect the other power producing system units. The model has been constructed with western Denmark as a referent system. Simulations show that wind power changes the dispatch order amongst the other electricity generating units in the power system of western Denmark. With a significant wind power grid penetration the low running costs of large coal fired power plants no longer guarantee a high utilization factor. Gas fired power plants and small coal fired plants become more competitive in combination with wind power.

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