Rich 2D Mapping

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik

Author: Zulqarnain Haider; [2014]

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Abstract: Fire fighting operations, sometimes, can put the life of fire fighters in threat. For example an environment with potential fire risk and with the presence of gas bottles can cause an explosion, besides other dangers, and certainly put the life of both the victims and fire fighters at risk. Recent advancements in the field of robotics enabled to develop a robotic system which can assist the fire fighters to avoid any human injury and property damage. The live update of the map displayed on the operator’s screen, while teleoperating the robot for search process, can help to properly plan the rescue operation. This thesis details the implementation of a rich 2D mapping system for FUMO2 a fire fighting assistant robot developed by AB Realisator. Rich 2D mapping system produces an occupancy grid map, having the geometry and temperature of the environment with position of fire extinguishers, by fusing different sensor modalities. By rich we mean any type of additional information on top of the standard, geometric only, 2D maps. A sensor fusion method is proposed to integrate the distance measurements reported by a laser range finder, temperature readings acquired by a thermal IR camera and the position of fire extinguishers delivered by visible spectrum camera based object detector. The object detector detects the object in real time and is developed utilizing the technique of cascade of boosted classifiers using MB-LBP features. The proposed system is implemented on both FUMO2 a fire fighting assistant robot and in Gazebo simulator for testing and evaluation.

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