Self-Service Business Intelligence success factors that create value for business

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

Author: Jonida Sinaj; [2020]

Keywords: SSBI; BI; Big Data; Analytics; key requirements;

Abstract: Business Intelligence and Analytics have changed the business needs, but the market requires a more data-driven decision-making environment. Self-Service Business Intelligence initiatives are currently providing more competitive advantages. The role of the users and freedom of access is one of the essential advantages that SSBI holds. Despite this fact, there is still needed analysis on how business can gain more value from SSBI, based on the technological, operational and organizational aspects. The work in this thesis serves to analysis on the SSBI requirements that bring value to business. The paper is organized starting from building knowledge on the existing literature and exploring the domain. Data will be collected by interviewing experts within the BI, SSBI and IT fields. The main findings of the study show that on the technological aspect, data is more governed and its quality is improved by implementing SSBI. Visualization is one of the features of SSBI that boosts quality and governance. On the digital capability aspect, the end-users need training and there is found a rate of impact of SSBI on the main departments in an organization. It is discussed how SSBI implementation affects the companies that do not have BI solution. The final conclusions show that in order for SSBI to be successful, a solid BI environment is necessary. This research will provide future suggestions related to the topic and the results will serve both, the companies that have implemented SSBI and the ones that want to see it as a perspective in the future.

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