Takt Management Mapping and analyzing the supply chain from a takt implementation perspective at Tetra Pak

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

Abstract: Research question: Investigate the maturity of takt implementation in the organization and suggest areas for further improvements to maximize the outcome of the change effort. Deliverables: The project has focused on creating a comprehensive view of the maturity in the takt implementation and the results are delivered in a written report and an oral presentation both to Tetra Pak and Lund University Methodology: Qualitative data was gathered from interviews, observations and internal documentations. A literature study directed mostly towards the lean philosophy, change management and process management and orientation was done. From the data gathered together with the theoretic framework important aspects/attributes of a takt implementation was developed and stated. An investigation of the supply chains in focus was done and then the supply chains were matched against the stated attributes to find gaps and areas for improvement. An analysis of each supply chain is given and then an overall analysis is done stating problems common for all supply chains and not solely connected to one flow. Finally recommendations are given on areas where attention should be focused to improve performance and increase the takt maturity. Delimitations: The project only deals with some of the machines produced by Tetra Pak. The results concerns takt implementation in a relatively low volume and long cycle production and is not necessary only connected to Tetra Pak specific case but should be applicable also for other organizations with similar circumstances. Conclusions: The takt implementation is a huge change and there are still areas and functions not aligned with the new production system. The desired takt system is complex and to fully succeed it is essential that a standard way of takt is introduced and communicated through the supply chain and within Tetra Pak. There is also a need of synchronizing the capacity between suppliers in the supply chain to reach iv the desired goals and benefits with takt. It is important that Tetra Pak acts consistently in their relationship with suppliers and fully support the takt principles in all interfaces with their partners. Tetra Pak have been working with the takt concept for years and there exists a lot of experience and skills within the organization, it is important that this knowledge is shared to support and help the development of takt in all supply chains.

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