Feasibility of product development for a wind turbine with a vertical axis : Mechanical analysis and design improvement

University essay from Högskolan i Halmstad/Akademin för ekonomi, teknik och naturvetenskap

Author: Martin Johnson; [2020]

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Abstract: This thesis is intended primarily as estimating the technical feasibility of aninvention while achieving product development for a company as a project. Theproject tries to use the invention for covering the market of urban wind turbines.Because it is a safe device for the environment and has no noise, it will beinteresting to use it in residential areas even by a low power coefficient.The project covers a wide range of readers from those who are new in the windindustries with mathematics and mechanics background until professionals. Also,consultants and wind turbine companies will be interested in, such as new ideasand solutions. The project estimates location, height, mechanical principles, andthen it evaluates feasibilities. The design distributed in three phases, head, bracingstructure, and foundation.The head consists of two counter-rotating turbines, one inside to the other and in avertical position. Generally, the mechanism of turbines follows the Savoniusturbine. However, the curved profile of the blades does not follow the semicircularfunction but is of the improved type curve. The bracing structure hasenough height to provide the specified wind speed and keep it against a strongstorm and with enough safety. The foundation has a modern structure to carryforces and momentum.The whole structure match in a triangle profile to spend low components againstthe weight, costs and life cycle energy. At the same time, the used methods in thethesis are matched to academic and industrial procedures to carry out this kind ofinvention according to product development. The main parts of the thesis arefocused on the introduction of wind turbines, methods, theory, and results. Theresults consist of designs, calculations. Finally, a conclusion, critical review, andfurther activities presented.

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