Creative spaces in Dublin public libraries through the lens of the four-spaces model.

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Abstract: The purpose of this master's thesis is to explore how creative spaces in libraries function, their goals and how they affect the role of their host libraries by undertaking a qualitative multi-case study in three public libraries in Dublin Ireland .This uses the four spaces model as a theoretical framework in analysing the empirical data which was gathered from semi-structured interviews of librarians and an events planner in the spaces as well as a document analysis of related strategic documents. The results of the study show that creative spaces offer a way for libraries to attract more and diverse groupings of patrons to their service and primarily have a role as learning and inspirational spaces. They enable libraries in particular to help give equal access to STEM resources and encourage experience based learning in all age groups from young to old. Each space has an individual character and its content and role is dependent on the host library and can act as a force multiplier for the various goals and roles of the library itself.

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