Finnish Olympic Athletes’ Perceptions of Sponsorship and Value Creation – a cross-sectional study on Finnish Olympic athletes’ perceptions of sponsorship and how they create value for their sponsors

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Author: Mathias Heinonen; [2020-07-22]

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Abstract: Sponsorship of athletes is rarely researched from the point of view of the athlete. This thesis,thus, investigates Finnish Olympic athletes’ perceptions of sponsorship and how athletes createvalue for their sponsors. The research takes a qualitative approach. The employed data analysismethod is a thematic analysis with an inductive and semantic approach. A literature review wasdone after which semi-structured interviews were conducted with three participants. Theanalysis shows motivational factors in athlete decision-making, the role of managers in thesponsorship equation, how athletes deal with companies, athlete perceptions on why they aresponsored, and what activities athletes undertake to create value. I conclude that athletes arevalue-orientated in their decision-making, guidance and feedback on athlete work is not on asufficient level, and a proactive role in communication is beneficial for relationship building.Additionally, the analysis offers several key takeaways for aspiring athletes in their sponsorshipendeavors.

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